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My friend, Foil

He’s shinny. He’s silver. And he makes an excellent astronaut helmet.

Foil is the ultimate in kitchen necessities and the shrimp of the kitchen.You can bake it, grill it, wrap it, seal it, cut it, cut yourself on it,  heat it–unless its a microwave or perhaps shape it into a foil animal like a goose. Foil is an essential piece to everyday cooking despite the fact you cannot eat it. A baked potato without foil is a hard, crusty mess and let’s face it, some dishes would get burnt before completely cooking thoroughly without foil. But above all, the reason I love foil is the ease of its clean-up. Despite our friendship foil, I love you because I can throw you away.

Thank you, foil. Thank you.

Creative uses for foil outside the kitchen

Creative uses for foil outside the kitchen


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