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Micro “machine”— Leading the Way!!!

Much like the rantings of John Moschitta, Jr. about the speed and small size of planes, trains and automobiles,  The MicroPlane (featured below) is an incredible investment that grates, minces and literally pulverize whatever you put to it in a quick, ridiculous (and mini) fashion–except much less annoying. Besides small sizes and the name plane, the greatest thing they share in common is the effort needed to use them which is about as exhusting as moving a MicroMachine from one end of the table to another.

Yes, ladies and gentleman: it helps you make your food better while being as lazy as you usually are. If that alone does not prove why its the perfect invention than allow me to give you even more reasons:

  • fresh Parmesan cheese
  • instant minced garlic
  • lemon zest (omg amazing when added to teas and meals)
  • lime zest (omg as amazing as lemon)
  • AND…it’s hand held so you can put it over the plate of food. You use only the amount that you need, which $ave$ money! Plus, no having to take out a large greater for a little bit of flavor. Really, how much lemon zest does a dish need?!

I’d go on, but I fear I could go into a Billy Mays-like rant. Imagine what he could do…


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