About Me

IMG_0694Young, fabulous and always hungry, I am a recent college grad still learning to be “culinary”.  While some chefs have stacks upon stacks of cookbooks, this self-proclaimed chef is wingin’ it. My formal training began with a grandma addicted to cookbooks like Percocet. We cooked everyday together during the summer and she taught me everything she knew. I went off to college where I set off one smoke alarm, or two, learning how to cook without her. This is where my love and sometimes, literal burning desire to become an amazing chef developed.

My recipes are inspired by cravings, a random assortment of fruits, veggies, ultra-plush frozen chicken and salmon in the fridge, and a constant case of the munchies. I’m excited to share my orignial recipes and experiment to try new ones. I look forward to exploring the complicated world of beef, scallops, and souffles. And by complicated, I mean potentially disastrous. Please, join me won’t you?


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Kristi Pinkston

    Hey Jenny,

    Great idea, and the recipes all look Delicious!!! Hope you are feeling well.


    Kristi Pinskton

  2. Mom

    I like the new picture, so much more you!

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