Improving Grandma’s Recipe

Obe Won Ken-Child-obi

Julia "Obe Won" Child/Kenobi

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a ‘What the hell?’ attitude.” – Julia Child

Several weeks ago, I went to Pinch & S’Mac , a place in NYC specializing in pizza and mac and cheese with a twist. Offering a variety of cheeses, veggies and meats paired with my favorite  comfort food made the whole experience seem inexpensively gourmet. But still not cheap enough to eat as much as I crave.

So with a craving and a what the hell attitude, I attempted to jazz up things with my mac and cheese. Rather than devouring it immediately as usual, I decided to try something different, but not drastic. I merely transferred the dish into the oven. I set the broiler and anticipated how good my version would be.

Culinary FAIL

...looks can be deceiving...

Despite how good this looks, I can still taste it now and I’m dry heaving a little. Yes, it was that bad. The sauce became globs of rubber, buried beneath pasta as crispy as the bacon on top.  I couldn’t even cut the damn thing with a  steak knife and I made a butt load of it too. So I was stuck with an unsatisfied craving and a bunch of pasta I would not want to eat again.

So in the words of Ms. Child, what the hell? And, how do I not do that again?

Perhaps, by doing layer(s) of pasta, sauce, milk and shredded cheese; adding more pasta after the shredded cheese? My theory is the extra liquid may help keep the pasta from drying out and the added cheese could make tht ooey-gooey effect when cutting into it.

Or, perhaps by simply broiling the pasta for less time?

…ideas? suggestions? failures of your own?



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3 responses to “Improving Grandma’s Recipe

  1. It wasn’t that bad. I ate it!

  2. yeah, b/c you were really hungry. to you, cardboard probs would’ve tasted good too.

  3. Jenny

    …this is why we cannot share a computer

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